Great talent knows no boundaries.

MeetFrank is a global job marketplace connecting the right talent to the right company based on their aspirations.

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Global talent at your fingertips.

Current recruitment tools rely heavily on your location, leaving you at the mercy of a limited and exhausted local talent pool.

It also means that talent from elsewhere will not have heard of you, let alone your offers! You are simply not on their radar.

Software Engineer
Senior • Lisbon
Lead • London
Product Manager
Junior • Berlin

We shift the focus from location to aspiration.

It no longer matters whether your office is in London or Lisbon. What matters is what you have to offer and how that resonates with job seekers, wherever they are. No postal code required.


Powerful dashboard to find the right candidate.

On MeetFrank, your company stands out based on its strengths and similarities to others.

Job seekers can easily browse through hundreds of relevant companies based on the characteristics they care about.

Simple tools yet significant.

Finding the right talent is a challenge. It can be time consuming but it is crucial for the success of your business.

Let us connect you with the right talent and also give you all the tools to make this process as simple and efficient as possible.

Live chat with applicants
Get in touch with the right applicant in seconds. Right here in the app. Have more meaningful and personal conversations than via email.
Automated interviews
For any specific role you need to ask pretty much the same questions to be able to qualify your applicants. Save time and automate it!
Manage applicants faster and more efficiently. Batch the applicants with best skill sets for final consideration.
Applicant profiles
Check out your applicants profile. All you need in a great compact package. What are their skills, experience and their salary expectations.
Accept & Reject
Accept the applicants that suit and also reject ones that don't easily right in the app. You can also send a personalised message along with it.
Rate applicants
With a lot of great applicants making the right decision needs consideration. Rate your applicants in app and filter by rating easily.
Invite your team members to collaborate on building your best team. View applications and conversations and share with your team.
Expert support
We have a team of in-house HR and tech experts happy to help you with anything you need. Need help? We're here for you.

Trusted by 5000+ fast-growth companies globally.

MeetFrank opens up the marketplace for the coolest companies and talent to meet based on their aspirations and skills.

We have a proven track record of getting the right talent to companies ranging from startups to enterprise to unicorns.

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